Shoulder Surgery at Medical City Frisco

The shoulder is one of the most flexible joints in the entire body. It allows your arm to be placed in many positions, but this flexibility can also make your shoulder prone to injury. Depending on the problem, non-surgical methods of treatment may be tried before surgery; however, the delay of surgery can also make the problem worse, and more difficult to treat later.

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Surgical Shoulder Treatment at Medical City Frisco

  • Arthroscopy: Done on a outpatient basis Arthroscopy allows the orthopedic surgeon to insert a pencil-thin device with a small lens and lighting system into tiny incisions to look inside the joint. The images inside the joint are relayed to a TV monitor, allowing the doctor to make a diagnosis.
  • Open Surgery: Often can be done through small incisions of just a few inches.

Common Reasons for Shoulder Surgery

  • Injured rotator cuff
  • Severe pain and loss of motion
  • Shoulder weakness caused by a tear