Preparing Your Child for Surgery at Medical City Frisco

When children are prepared and understand what to expect during their procedure at Medical City Frisco, they are better able to handle the experience. Please prepare your child for his or her procedure by discussing it in simple terms your child can understand. It is important to answer any questions your child may have openly and honestly.

General information

  • Do not allow your child to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery. This includes water, mints, and chewing gum. You may brush his/her teeth the morning of surgery but please do not allow your child to swallow any water or toothpaste.
  • Bring a case for his/her glasses, contacts and/or dental appliances.
  • Dress child in loose fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • Bring insurance card(s)/co-pay/deposit and picture ID (driver’s license) the day of your surgery/procedure.
  • Bring a complete list of all medications your child is taking, including herbal and vitamin supplements.
  • Check with your child’s surgeon concerning which medications he/she should take the morning of surgery.
  • A parent or guardian must bring the child to Medical City Frisco and drive them home after the surgery/procedure.
  • Notify your child’s surgeon immediately if your child becomes ill or develops a fever or if you have any questions before or after your child’s surgery/ procedure.
  • Plan to arrive two hours before surgery is scheduled to begin.
  • You may park anywhere except in the Emergency Department Ambulance parking spaces. When you arrive, walk into the main lobby and approach the front desk to sign in your child.
  • All nursing staff at Medical City Frisco are certified in Basic Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.

Before Surgery

  • You will receive a call 24-48 hours prior to surgery from a nurse to do a pre-screening assessment.
  • When you arrive please check your child in at the desk in the lobby. A pre-op nurse will meet you there and escort you to the pre-op area.
  • While in pre-op, please feel free to express any specific requests or any specific dietary needs your child may have.
  • You and your child will meet with the anesthesiologist. Please let the anesthesiologist know if anyone in your family has had reactions to anesthesia.
  • The anesthesiologist will discuss the way in which the anesthesia will be administered.
  • Your surgeon may also come and speak with you and your child to answer any last minute questions you may have before the procedure.

While your child is in surgery

  • You will wait in the waiting area during the surgical procedure.
  • You will be given a pager so that the staff can communicate with you as needed during the surgery.
  • There are also virtual message screens that will let you know where your child is located at all times.

Following surgery

  • After surgery, your child’s surgeon will meet with you to discuss the outcome of the surgery. Soon after the discussion, your child will be taken to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).
  • You will be able to go to the PACU and see your child once they are waking from anesthesia.
  • Depending on individual circumstances, a child may need to stay in PACU for several hours of observation.

Going home or staying overnight

  • If your child is going home on the same day of surgery, you will be able to stay with him or her in the PACU unit until he or she has recovered.
  • Once your child has recovered sufficiently from the anesthesia, has been discharged by the anesthesiologist and surgeon, and can drink some liquids, he or she will be able to go home.
  • You will be given instructions about your child’s diet, activities, and medications after the surgery and any other care you may need to provide once your child is home.
  • If your child is staying in the hospital overnight after his or her surgery, you will need for at least one parent to be with your child at all times while he or she is in the hospital.
  • If you are spending the night in the hospital, your child’s nurse will escort you and your child to the hospital room when your child has been discharged from PACU. You will meet your child’s nurse for his or her “in hospital stay.”
  • In-patient rooms are equipped with a fold out bed for parent to stay on.
  • You may wish to bring your child’s favorite pillow, blanket, pajamas, etc.