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Specialized Women’s Services & Luxury Childbirth Options

Medical City Frisco is expanding to meet the needs of growing families in northern Collin County by creating a dedicated and comprehensive unit for women's services.

Construction is underway on a $21.6 million renovation on the third and fourth floors of the hospital. For the first time, Medical City Frisco will be able to deliver babies in 13 luxurious and spacious delivery and recovery rooms.

The unit will also feature:

  • A six-bed, Level II neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
  • Three dedicated operating rooms
  • A 10-bed nursery with high-level infant security

"Frisco is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in our nation, and we are thrilled that we can expand to meet the growing healthcare needs of the many families who choose to make Frisco their home," said Charles Gressle, CEO of Medical City Frisco and Medical City Plano. "It is a privilege for us to be a part of these special family milestones and provide caring, compassionate and expert care to moms and babies. We look forward to serving the Frisco area in the new way and delivering dreams together."

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Customized Childbirth Amenities for Dream Deliveries

At Medical City Frisco, we want to help you welcome your baby your way. You’ll find an abundance of choices tailored to your individual style. Combined with our world-class facility and labor and delivery specialists, Medical City Frisco is the ideal place for a personalized childbirth experience, featuring:

  • Modern, spacious, luxurious delivery and recovery rooms
  • A gourmet celebratory meal
  • Personalized music — create your Spotify playlist
  • Delivery options including doulas, The Bradley® Method and VBAC
  • Pain relief choices including epidurals, hot and cold therapy and IV pain control
  • Options for your newborn including rooming in and sending baby to a secure nursery for dedicated rest
  • Lactation support

Childbirth Classes in Frisco

When it comes to welcoming your new baby, preparation is key. In addition to helping you design the delivery of your dreams, we can help you prepare for the birth of your child with our informative, practical childbirth classes.

  • Labor and Delivery tour
  • Breastfeeding
  • Childbirth Preparation
  • Infant CPR


We take the health of our mothers and babies very seriously. Medical City Frisco’s new Level II NICU will offer specialty-level care for stable or moderately ill newborns. Should your baby need a higher level of neonatal intensive care, we offer seamless access to our network of Medical City Healthcare hospitals in North Texas, including a Level III NICU at Medical City Plano and a Level IV NICU at Medical City Children’s Hospital — the highest level of care available.

Gynecology Services at Medical City Frisco

Medical City Frisco offers a range of complex, minimally invasive and non-invasive gynecological and reproductive services for women from adolescence through menopause, including:

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